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About Strato
Established in 2006 by Cape Town designer Maloti Mothobi, STRATO – slang for street, re-launches in 2020. At its inception, she had identified a gap in the market for a locally manufactured clothing brand that fuses sportswear and street wear, what we now identify as athleisure. With a solid client base, STRATO’s strong street-style signature grew into a noticeable South African street wear brand, becoming synonymous with popular culture.

Strato featured in a number of media platforms over the years – including radio interviews and
TV appearances. We featured in local magazines and grazed international publications such as the Euro Am Sonntag – a German financial weekly newspaper, as well as Le Cap, the 2013/4 French edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide. We have showcased on fashion platforms such as the Cape Town Fashion Week and Design Indaba.

Its 2020 and we are re-branding. Our consumer has grown and so should we. Our new and exciting range of premium golfshirts for men and women is here. The golfers incorporate a premium classic range, to a more styled range infused with colour (as a Strato product should be).

The collection will also showcase an afrocentric capsule with bold West African inspired detail.
We envisage being Africa’s preferred brand for golf shirts, competitive in a global market. We strive to create sustainable collaborations with corporate South-Africa that advocate for procurement of locally made clothing. Through our tagline “your best move’’, we play it forward as our consumer’s biggest fan, encouraging them to push boundaries in every aspect of their lives.

Sustainability is at the core of our business and as such we produce ethical fashion by practicing fair trade through our local supply-chain. Our golfer range is manufactured locally using 100% cotton pique fabric. The cotton is grown and sourced across Sub-Saharan Africa. It is then spun, knitted and dyed up at local mills in Cape Town and Durban. All trims (collar/cuff ribbing, buttons and garment labels) are made in South-Africa.

For Strato, a signature brand rooted in South African urban culture, this is about to be our best move yet!